Pythoncad Documentation need to be written for R38

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Pythoncad Documentation need to be written for R38

Matteo Boscolo
Hi all,
Actually R38 is more stable and have a lot of new feature.
We would like to release the first Beta version in the following month.
My first target was at the end of 2010 to have the first Beta ready, but
we had some trouble and we need to postpone the release date hopefully
at the and of May .
In the mean time we would like to start updating the actual wiki
documentation to start having an updated documentation with some use
case and you tube videos ... to teach at the people how to work with R38.

Let me know if there is someone interested in it.

We need your help to get the first True OpenSource Cross Platform 2dCad
be the most used in the world :-))))) .

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