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Serge Guelton
Hi all,

It is my pleasure to announce the release of version 0.9.0 of the
Pythran compiler, a compiler for numerical kernels written in Python.

It is available for download on PyPI;

    pip install pythran

And on Conda through conda-forge:

    conda install -c conda-forge pythran

The major change of this release is undoubtedly the use of xsimd [0] as
the new vectorization engine, which in turns enables vectorization of
complex number expressions! All the details are in the changelog reproduced below.

And an outstanding new: looks like Pythran is used at least in one
research team at Facebook \o/

In spite of the short window, we received *a lot* of bug report, thanks
a lot to @DerWeh, @KOLANICH, @RalphFS, @ashwinvis, @diorcety,
@h-vetinari, @jeanlaroche, @lw3259111, @paugier, @vgroff for reporting
and sometimes fixing issues. Special thanks go to @wolfv and
@JohanMabille for the xsimd

We're getting closer to 1.0, which will probably be the first one to
drop 2.7 support (goal: 2020).

Until then, happy computations!




2018-11-06 Serge Guelton <[hidden email]>

        * Moving to xsimd as vectorization engine, requires -DUSE_XSIMD

        * Better support of view conversion from Python to Pythran

        * Improved Cython integration

        * Improved documentation, add example section

        * Updated ArchLinux Packaging

        * Remove useless warnings during compilation

        * Faster ``abs(x**2)`` for complex numbers

        * IPython magic now accepts most optimization flags

        * Automatic detection of partially (or fully) constant shape for arrays

        * Add ignoreflags settings to .pythranrc to skip some compiler flags

        * Quad number (aka long double) basic support

        * And many minor bugfixes, as usual :-)


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