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Pythran 0.9.3 - Hañv

Serge Guelton
Hi folks,

I just released version 0.9.3 of the Pythran package,

Short reminder: Pythran is an ahead-of-time compiler for scientific Python,
with a focus on high-level numerical kernels, parallelism and vectorisation.

Here is a simple kernel example, with a pythran annotation. Note that that
kernel is still Python-compatible (from :

    import numpy as np
    #pythran export col_sum(int[:,:] or float[:,:], int[:])
    def col_sum(data, idx):
        return data.T[idx].sum(0)

The Pythran package is available on PyPI, Github and Conda

The interested reader can have a look to the changelog for details

Long story short: bug fixes and better 32bit arch support. Plus (Thanks to Miro
Hrončok), pythran is now available on Fedora \o/

Huge thanks to all contributors and bug reporters:

    Jean Laroche
    Yann Diorcet
    Miro Hrončok
    Piotr Bartmann
    Jochen Schröder
    Sylwester Arabas
    Marti Bosch
    Pierre Augier
    Anubhab Haldar

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