RSVP for March Devsprint is Now Open

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RSVP for March Devsprint is Now Open

Hi all,

RSVP for the March Devsprint is now open. This will be an online event. So,
not restricted to Bangalore and folks from all over can participate in the

Please find more details about the event below:


We will start the sprint at March 21, 10:00 AM and will conclude at March
22, 5:00 PM.

Communication Channel:
We will send update on this soon.

1. fedora-badges:
2. magudi:
3. pip:
4. Django:
5. Pagure:
6. Junction:
7. Vulture:

Check meetup page for more details about projects and mentors[0]
RSVP can be done on the meetup platform[0].

If you've any doubts, feel free to reach out to me([hidden email]),
Anirudha (
[hidden email]) or Abhiram ([hidden email]).


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