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Andreas Röhler-2
Am 06.10.2010 13:40, schrieb Barry Warsaw:
> Hi Andreas, I think it's fine if you discuss this on python-mode@
Changes in

Hi Barry, hi folks

as rewrite of python-mode.el is conceived part of a larger
project started at

didn't change a single function but a bunch of them
acccording to the rules applied. These rules might be
and should be discussed, didn't find the right place
for discussion so far.

Lanchpads Blueprint seems rather fine-grained, not
suitable for general reflections.

Nonetheless I'd happy seeing python-mode Blueprint
activated, as its fine for simple feature requests.

Just the reason for changing


as an example.

Rules applied :- have regular behaviour, meet and establish
expectations as much as possible.

Regular behaviour :- have regular return values
Regular behaviour :- used options as respective functions use

Return values :- if function moves point - return point

Used options  :- if function moves point - have a repeat count or no option

The `nomark' option has been uncommon, probably
singular in Emacs. No need for that.

Using standard operations as moving point no need to
read the doku should exist.

Dropped the repeat count too for `py-beginning-of-block',

as `py-beginning-of-block-or-clause' like
`py-beginning-of-def-or-class' also has that
except/irregularity as def/class switch.

A well founded except/irregularity so far, kept and
proliferated that.



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