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Re: [IPython-User] Status of ipython.el and relationship with python-mode.el

Andreas Röhler-2
Am 16.02.2012 20:35, schrieb rosoloum:

> In reading this thread in StackOverflow:
> "IPython Emacs Integration":
> I learned that ipython.el is known to be out of date, and that the IPython
> community is working on a fix. More specifically the accepted answer in
> StackOverflow points to this other thread in github:
> "Emacs freezes when tab is hit in ipython with latest python-mode":


some remarks being one of the python-mode.el developers and definitly
the cupable having merged the ipython.el stuff - thanks a lot to the
ipython.el people BTW.

The idea is to provide a solution already for the Emacs beginner, taking
the need for several customizations, loading across the net etc.
A Python-mode should assist all common flavors of Python right from the

Think we should be able to keep the modes compatible. Should you have
suggestions, how to design python-mode.el in order to meet your needs,
it's welcome.

Please send your suggestions, bug reports etc.

Certainly we will fix bugs when being aware of a report at other places too.

Should people want to CC me with (i)python-mode related stuff from other
places, that's okay for me, might be helpful too.




> It looks like there was some substantial activity in that github thread, but
> I couldn't find any references to the fixes mentioned in the thread in the
> mailing list archives for users or devs, nor a follow-up discussion.
> With this, I have a few, hopefully short questions:
> * What is the status of the fixes to ipython.el?
> * Is ipython.el now bundled withing the ipython package? Is there a site
> where I can track the progress in this direction? (the github thread above
> seems to be closed)
> * Does ipython.el need python-mode.el to work?
> Thanks so much for the great work.
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