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Re: [Merge] lp:~freiksenet/python-mode/hide-show-support into lp:python-mode

Andreas Röhler-2
Mikhail Novikov wrote:

> Mikhail Novikov has proposed merging lp:~freiksenet/python-mode/hide-show-support into lp:python-mode.
> Requested reviews:
>     python-mode.el developers (python-mode-devs)
> I have improved it to support more constructs and docstrings. Works fine for me, more testing is needed.
> Some versions of emacs introduced bug to hideshow that makes this work badly. Hideshow.el from emacs trunk works fine.
> Hideshowviz.el conflicts with python-mode because it implements own mod-map. To fix it comment out mode-map enable line in hideshowviz mode enable and add global keybinding hooked to hs-minor-mode to get the keybinding introduced in hideshowviz back.

Hi Mikhail,

seeing you changed regexp inside `hs-special-modes-alist':

good idea IMO, works fine.

Nonetheless let's raise some questions:

Concerning `hs-block-start-regexp': people may have
different opinions what to hide.

What about to make this customizable?

After this: do you need

(unless (assoc 'python-mode hs-special-modes-alist)

I.e. why not set the value always if python-mode is called?




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