Re: [Python-checkins] Daily reference leaks (556b9bafdee8): sum=1144

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Re: [Python-checkins] Daily reference leaks (556b9bafdee8): sum=1144

Brett Cannon-2
I'm going to guess my bootstrap patch caused most of these. =) test_capi is now plugged, so I'm going to assume Python/pythonrun.c:import_init() is taken care of. The real question is where inĀ are the other leaks coming from. Any help would be great as I have been staring at this code for so long I really don't want to have to go hunting for refleaks right now.

On Sat, Apr 14, 2012 at 23:43, <[hidden email]> wrote:
results for 556b9bafdee8 on branch "default"

test_support leaked [-2, 2, 0] references, sum=0
test_bz2 leaked [-1, -1, -1] references, sum=-3
test_capi leaked [78, 78, 78] references, sum=234
test_concurrent_futures leaked [120, 120, 120] references, sum=360
test_hashlib leaked [-1, -1, -1] references, sum=-3
test_import leaked [4, 4, 4] references, sum=12
test_lib2to3 leaked [14, 14, 14] references, sum=42
test_multiprocessing leaked [149, 149, 150] references, sum=448
test_runpy leaked [18, 18, 18] references, sum=54

Command line was: ['./python', '-m', 'test.regrtest', '-uall', '-R', '3:3:/home/antoine/cpython/refleaks/reflogBFPz19', '-x']
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