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Danny Yoo

Hi everyone,

I'm forwarding a message from Conrad; he was wondering if anyone knew
about programming Python on the Nokia Series 60 phones.  If anyone has an
experience with this (or can point him toward folks who do), please send
him an email.  Thanks!

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Subject: Re: Python on Nokia Series 60

Hi Danny,

Thanks for the prompt reply!

Please feel free to post it to the list.

Best regards,


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Subject: Re: Python on Nokia Series 60

Hi Conrad,

> As a completely seperate thing to work I'm wanting to learn Python for
> Nokia Series 60 (I used to be at Motorola and still have a keen interest
> in the mobile space). I'm a recent convert to Python - having attempted
> to learn java in the past I'm impressed by the ease of learning Python.

I don't know off-hand, but you may want to bring this up to the group as a
whole.  I can forward your question, or if you subscribe to the mailing
list, you can post it yourself.  Would you like me to send your message to
the group?

Best of wishes!

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