Re: The performance issue of the email package, and how about a cEmail?

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Re: The performance issue of the email package, and how about a cEmail?

Barry Warsaw
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On Aug 18, 2007, at 6:11 AM, Iceberg wrote:

> It seems the only way to boost up the performance is to rewrite the  
> key part (mostly in C. And I believe the effort will  
> be worthy for such a fundamental, widespread, core package. In  
> fact, we saw similar happen, such as: cString, cPickle, cProfile.
> I read old mail archive ( 
> sig/) since 2005, but found no thread on this topic. So, I would  
> venture to ask, is there any plan for a cEmail package in near future?

There's no plans by me to do this, but if yo're interested, I think  
it could be a worth goal.  Without looking at those existing  
packages, there's two things I'd say.  I doubt that either package  
would be included in Python by default, either because it's C++ or  
because of a license incompatibility.  OTOH, it may or may not be  
worth enabling optional building of a cFeedParser based on whether  
these packages are available or not.

OTOH, it might be nice to provide something like a cFeedParser as a  
third-party egg, and if it works out, and is enough of a performance  
boost, I'd probably support extending the email package to use it if  
it's available.

- -Barry

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