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Max Yaffe-2
Would you please define the question a bit better.  One place you say
"IronPython hosting", another "hosting IronPython".  Are you asking about
how we utilize IronPython within a .NET application or how an IronPython app
uses .NET components?  Or something else.


> I'm trying to gather information and concrete examples about
> IronPython hosting.  I'll sift through some of the old email,
> but I'd super appreciate if you could send me some info about
> hosting IronPython if you're doing that.  The questions I'd have are:
>  * Briefly what are your goals for hosting (e.g., app
> scripting for users, biz rule execution, feature development
> of your app, etc.)?
>  * What kind of host application do you have, or what is its
> main purpose?
>  * Briefly what are the key features of hosting that you
> count on or use (e.g., supplying host globals to the hosted
> IronPython code, accessing IronPython variables, interop with
> the dynamic objects, namespace isolation with scopes,
> multi-instanced ScriptRuntime in an AppDomain, etc.)?
> I really appreciate your time and responses!
> Thanks,
> Bill

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