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Andreas Röhler
Am 10.01.2011 17:18, schrieb Richard Riley:

> Gary<[hidden email]>  writes:
>> Le Wang wrote:
>>> My opinion of Eclipse aside, generally, when someone argues<noun>  is
>>> <adjective>  because Google results count is xxx, you should seriously
>>> question
>>> that side of the argument.
>> I didn't claim it was slow "because Google results count is xxx", I
>> claimed that it was slow because that was my experience. Stop trying to
>> put words in my "mouth".
> Eclipse isn't slow when using it. Well, not really any appreciable
> amount slower than any other dekstop GUI editor. And its certainly a lot
> more powerful than most if you are a programmer dealing with multiple
> languages or wanting a common look and feel IDE for all projects. Mixed
> mode in debian is kind of ok with nxhtml, but Java is nigh on impossible
> (well, hard work - what is the status with JDEE now?), python is a
> confusing mess (multiple python modes floating around)

Hi Richard,

can't contradict basically, but let me say: python-mode.el

got some momentum.

What about joining the team?
In case you join, I'll propose a milestone "python auto-completion-mode"
during next weeks.




  : of course the
> benefits of Eclipse also introduce some overheads but not ones I feel
> are detrimental to any development process.

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