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robert rottermann
Ian Bicking schrieb:
> It's a little tricky, because if you remove then scripts won't
> be self-activating (you have to explicitly activate the workingenv) and
> you'll always get site-packages.  Resolving this problem of has
> been very difficult for me, though.
thanks for your answer.
would it be enough to temporarily remove and move it back after
the installation?
or does the position/content of influence easy_installs
behaviour (I have only a cursory idea about's function)?


> robert rottermann wrote:
>> Hi Ian,
>> after creating a python environment with workingenv I get the following
>> error when easy_install is used:
>> (twisted)chrissy:~/twisted # easy_install twisted
>> error: /root/twisted/lib/python2.4/ is not a setuptools-generated
>>; please remove it.
>> after removing things work nicely.
>> thanks a lot for a great product.
>> robert

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