Red Pill and Blue Pill: Virtual Machines (EC2) and Virtual Environments

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Red Pill and Blue Pill: Virtual Machines (EC2) and Virtual Environments

Glen Jarvis
I'm putting together a new talk. It's different than the typical BayPIGgies style of just presenting data to an audience. It's also pitched at a more junior audience. I'm experimenting with a style of presenting while the audience interactively steps through the presentation if they want. It requires a wireless internet connection for the audience, so I will try giving this talk at a different venue (not BayPIGgies) for my first try.

If the talk does well, I'd happily try to do the same talk at BayPIGgies if anyone is interested. We'll have to bring a wireless access point or share a wireless connection with our computers. The time and location for this first experimental talk has not yet been determined:

Red Pill and Blue Pill: Virtual Machines (EC2) and Virtual Environments

Audience Level: Beginner to Intermediate. This will be "educational" and "follow-along" more than academic.
Virtualization has been a term that is bandied about regularly. What does it mean? More importantly, how can I get started experimenting with this for free?
This talk will talk the audience through building a free Amazon Web Service EC2 instance with the web interface (the intermediate topic of using Python/Boto to build this instance will not be discussed at this talk). The audience is encouraged to build an EC2 instance on-the-fly during the talk (wireless internet connectivity should be available).
After a basic EC2 instance is built, we will connect to the instance with ssh from our client machines.
We have a virtual machine, but not yet a virtual environment. We will discuss what a virtual environment is and how it is different than a virtual machine. We will use package management for the virtual machine to install the Python virtualenv package.
We then will use pip (the software package that comes already with virtualenv) to install several Python packages to run a small snippet of Python code.
Speaker Bio:  Glen Jarvis is a big fan of Python and its community. He has been coding Python professionally as a back-end engineer for over four years and has in the industry for over ten. He believes passionately in Python education and building talented teams: "Talented programmers are attracted to teams with other talented programmers."

Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.

-- Goethe

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