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Regarding SQLObject caching

Ben Bangert
Some questions were raised regarding how to deal with object caching  
when using a database from multiple processes and/or multiple  
computers. I wanted to clarify that this isn't typically an issue  
because only a single command fetches the existing object, the get  
command. It is assumed when you use this class method that you want  
to get the existing fetched object if its there already. Every other  
command that queries the database fetches the data in a SELECT rather  
than going to the object cache.

The main purpose of the object cache is to hold existing retrieved  
objects for attribute access. If you wanted to force a re-fetch of  
the data on an object the next time an attribute is accessed you can  
call the expire() function on an object.

More information about the specific methods available is now on the  
SQLObject site here:

If the object you're working with is part of a SelectResults that you  
just queried, its already up to date as the one returned by the  
SELECT is used (and updated in the cache).

If your environment requires Oracle and a few dedicated DBA's,  
SQLObject probably isn't for you. :)

Hope that helps alleviate any concerns a few people had,

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