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Mikhail Kashkin
Moscow, Russia, September 23th, 2005

We are happy to spread good news about `Key Solutions'
<>`_ new initiative. We have created a new public
repository for python developers. The ulitimate goal of this project is
to unite companies and people under the umbrella of
Russian-speaking-python (Zope/Plone/Zope3/Twisted/etc) open source
programmers community, so that we could jointly push forward new
programs and technologies in Russia.

The repository powered by `subversion <>`_.


- `Press release in russian <>`_

- `Новость на русском <>`_

- `Subversion <>`_

About Key Solutions

Key Solutions is an open source company with primary focus in
development of corporative CRM Internet/intranet systems and
web-communities. The company promotes and supports Zope, Plone, Asterisk
platforms in Russia.

To learn more about Key Solutions visit `
<>`_ and
` <>`_

Mikhail Kashkin,
Key Solutions (
Zope/Asterisk/Plone - Solutions/Consulting/Support
Plone на русском
Plone Foundation Member (

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