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Rhetorics of Hypertext

Rhetorics of Hypertext
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Rhetorics of Hypertext
March 13th 2007
 POSTS of the week

Imagination radicale vs imaginaire social
(imagination représentation image)
Sweeping change
(changing transformation mobile)
Penser l'Hypertexte à l'âge de l'Internet mobile
(pensée philosophie théorie)
Shifting boundaries
(limit domain linking)
Modalité et virtualité
(possible réalité virtualité)
Books and Hypertexts
(hypertext writing book)
Elargissement de notre perception
(phénoménologie Benjamin art)
Mouth that bites
(fragment post text)
L'objet textué et son axiomatique
(algorithme calcul parcours)
Citability and hypertext
(word sentence source)
Possible et objectivité
(réalité virtualité modèle)
Reading practises
(writing reading text)
Primary sources
(linking thread origin)
Structure du flux de la conscience
(phénoménologie durée temps)
actualité, écran, inattendu, littérature, livres, métabole, musique, narration, politique, possible, religion, science, temps, texte, voir vidéos, voyages, weblogs, web/Tech.

March 13th 2007

[...] Within this newsletter we look specifically at the changing definition of a book. A book is no longer a tangible thing; a book is what a book does.
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It is an information architecture. We examine the various manifestations of electronic book readers and imminent technologies, such electronic ink, including a case study on the use of ebook reading devices by a lending library, and speculate about other uses of such devices.

We see the convergence of print and etext - manifestations of the same thing - electronically stored text, with the difference demonstrated only in their final rendering. We look at changes in print technologies and the shift in mindset necessary to accommodate emergent forms of digital text - as information services within a product-service system, the changing shape of digital design and changes in printing technologies from letterpress to the rise of digital printing...

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