School of Webcraft (Mozilla and P2PU) - Invitation to advise on our Python Badge criteria

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School of Webcraft (Mozilla and P2PU) - Invitation to advise on our Python Badge criteria

Pippa Buchanan
Dear members of the Python Edu SIG,

School of Webcraft is a community offering and developing a set of peer-driven courses on open web development freely available via Peer 2 Peer University (P2PU) in partnership with Mozilla. We've had a number of Python courses and study groups set up within School of Webcraft. We'd like to invite the Python Edu SIG to help improve these popular offerings and in particular to help us develop the criteria for peer-assesment on Python competencies.
Together with the Open Badges project we're developing an assessment and badge pilot with the goal of providing alternative pathways to certification and credentialing. Learners can take a series of peer-reviewed assessments to demonstrate their skills, completing assessment successfully earns them badges they can share with stakeholders such as potential employers. Currently the badge pilot is available to School of Webcraft participants.

We feel these efforts will not only further the  impact of informal and peer learning channels, but also give us the  opportunity to be further innovate with assessments. We are working hard to  create assessments that are authentic and relevant to web developers, to capitalize on their existing portfolio where possible and to inspire  continued learning and growth during the assessment process.

Assessments we have piloted so far have avoided standard multiple choice, but instead are based around challenges or exercises  and narratives, with an aligned rubric to assess against. Here are two  examples of two different levels of assessments we are currently  running:
We are writing you to enlist your help in creating/identifying additional assessments for both Beginners and Advanced Python badges for the second phase of the badge pilot.

By helping us out on this pilot you'll be developing tangible and meaningful ways for employers and Python developers to measure and identify their skills beyond the vague "rockstar" status. In recognition of involvement in the pilot the Python Edu SIG will be  listed and linked as advisors for the relevant badges.

We would benefit greatly from  your insight into what the key elements of a rubric should be, as well  as ideas around potential challenges or exercises. The model we have been using is:
  • Assessment challenge/instructions
  • Rubric to assess against (aka, "A Python Expert is someone who...."
Again, please see the links above as examples of the  model we have been currently using. We are not adverse to other ideas or  models, but we do want to continue to strive for authentic and highly  relevant assessments wherever possible. 

We are moving very quickly with this so please let  us know if you have some ideas you can pass along.

Thanks in advance for  your help with this important effort.

Erin Knight, Badge and Assessment Lead, Mozilla and P2PU
Pippa Buchanan, School of Webcraft Community Lead, Mozilla and P2PU

To become further involved with the School of Webcraft please join our discussion list  or create or participate in study groups or courses.

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