Seeking a good QA test engineer for start-up in Mountain View

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Seeking a good QA test engineer for start-up in Mountain View


My name is Jon Rosen.  I am the Manager of Software Testing and Support
for Coral8, Inc., a well-funded start-up company in Mountain View.  I am
seeking a strong QA test engineer who has solid SQL query experience as
well as Python development and test automation experience to work for us
as we approach our general availability date for our product
(unfortunately, our product isn't written in Python, rather C++, but our
software testing and validation framework is being built in Python).

Our company is building a new kind of database-related product which does
some very interesting things with large quantities of fast-moving data
(commonly called "streams") in real-time.  The product uses an SQL-like
language (even though it isn't strictly a relational database) which is
why we are looking for people with strong SQL skills.  You would be
expected to learn the product and spend much of your time coming up with
ways to test the various language and execution capabilities of the
system, which requires thinking "outside the box" in SQL terms in order to
stretch and stress the product.

In addition to our test and validation framework, which will be used to
store and automatically execure functional and regression tests, we are
also working on developing a random stochastic testing system which will
enable us to automatically create literally tens of thousands of
interesting and semantically correct random tests which can be used to
rapidly extend our testing domain at a fraction of the normal cost in
terms of engineering resources.  This system will also be built in Python.

If you are interested, we have an SQL problem we use to screen people for
this position.  (Python knowledge will be tested during our interview
process.)  The problem should be relatively straightforward for anyone
with decent SQL skills.  Please take a look and get back to me with
proposed answers if you would like to be considered for the position.


Jon Rosen
Manager, Software Testing and Support
Coral8, Inc.
[hidden email]

Please answer this question in any dialect of SQL you would like to use
(ANSI, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, Postgres, etc.), but please indicate which type
you are using so we can make adjustments for feature differences.

Given the following table of employees:

Employees (
  EmpId    integer primary key,
  Dept     string,
  Salary   float,
  MgrId    integer

The MgrId is the EmpId of the employee's manager (both managers and their
employees appear in the same table).

Write the query needed to count the number of employees in each department
who are paid more than their manager.

"The difference between theory and reality is that in theory,
there is no difference between theory and reality,
but in reality, there is." - Anonymous

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