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Strange gettext.find results

Michael Scheper-4
Hi everyone,

The documentation is a little sketchy, but I'm not sure that gettext.find is behaving the way it should. It's definitely not behaving how I want it to.

To illustrate, I've created two directories in /tmp/gettext called 'en_US' and just 'en'. Each contains an LC_MESSAGES directory, which in turn contain and test.po.

When I run this:
gettext.find('test', '/tmp/gettext', ['en','en_US'], True)

the results I get are this:
['/tmp/gettext/en_US/LC_MESSAGES/', '/tmp/gettext/en/LC_MESSAGES/']

The documentation states that it should return 'a list of all file names, in the order in which they appear in the languages list', but it's actually doing the exact opposite. The upshot is that when I specify just 'en', I'm still getting en_US translations.

I think one of three things is happening:
  1. I'm misunderstanding something, despite searching this forum and doing a lot of Googling
  2. When searching for the 'en' locale, find just grabs the first English locale it comes across, regardless of the territory—it probably depends on their order in the file system
  3. When searching for the 'en' locale, find defaults to U.S. English, a poor choice because U.S. English has far more spelling and formatting variations than any other version of English (there are far fewer differences between, say, en_AU and en_GB, or even en_ZA and en_CA, than en_US and any other)
If it's number 1, could somebody help me out? If it's number 2 or 3, does anybody know of an elegant workaround, and should it be considered a bug?

What I want is for U.S. English users to see messages from en_US, and users who prefer other forms of English (Australian English, Canadian English, British English, etc.) to see just en. Creating separate locales for each of them—there are a dozen or so—seems impractical.


Michael Scheper.

P.S: Changing the system locale doesn't seem to make any difference.

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