Structuring build PyQt5 app with CPython PyQt extension

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Structuring build PyQt5 app with CPython PyQt extension

Patrick Stinson-3

I am trying to figure out how to best structure dev builds for my PyQt5 app which includes one internal sip/qt extension with no additional dependencies.

Ideally a developer could check out the project repo and work on it without having to build their own Qt/Python/PyQt/PyQtPurchasing from source. I imagine “pip install pyqt” would do it.

But they will still need to build the internal Python/Qt extension to run the app in dev. So far I copied and edited the from PyQtPurchasing to generate a .pro file for the extension. It works OK for me, but the file/dir structure feels messy and difficult to conceptualize, and only on Mac.

Can anyone suggest an ideal project structure for dev? Should I just maintain a .pro file for my extension with relative paths to the user’s SYSROOT?

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