Support for classpath scanning in next beta?

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Support for classpath scanning in next beta?

Richard Eckart de Castilho
Hello everybody,

I want to use Jython in a project and stumbled across a problem of SyspathJavaLoader not supporting classpath scanning. This issue has already been reported by someone else way back in 2008:

I wonder, would it be possible to include a fix to this issue in the next beta release? It is very trivial to fix. Currently, I am giving a custom-build version of Jython 2.7b1+ to my users, but we'd really prefer this being in the official source code.

As I understand it, this issue hasn't been fixed due to a lack of a test case. Is this correct?

Given the trivial nature of the fix and the potential complexity of a test case, I wonder if a test is really necessary. However, if you could point me to a test for the SyspathJavaLoader.findResource() method, I'd be happy to extend it and to supply a test for the currently unimplemented  SyspathJavaLoader.findResources(). If there is no test case for SyspathJavaLoader.findResource(), would you take my word telling you that the fix works and include it without a test case? ;)

Best regards,

-- Richard

P.S.: Further context on my use-case and the issue can be found here:
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