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The London Python scene and

Tim Golden-4
There's been a burst of activity recently by the team responsible
for the London Python Dojo. If you follow Twitter, you may have
seen that the Dojo now has its own Twitter account:!/ldnpydojo

which I encourage you to follow for news and updates on the Dojo.

We've also created a GitHub account:

(can you see a trend emerging?) through which we hope to gather
the code that the Dojo teams generate. We're not yet sure how
it's going to work, but we've already added some of the code
from last week's Game of Life challenge:

We have *also* registered a domain called -- guess what?

which at present shows the WF holding page but which will
probably end up being a fairly static WordPress site
to be able to point people towards when talking about the Dojo.

In addition, I've taken over the maintenance of the
domain. This was set up by Remi "WebFaction" Delon, early in that
organisation's life. (It's on server web3 which gives you some idea).
It was managed by Menno Smits, and Simon Brunning
hosted an "announce" blog there, which he stopped maintaining when
he stopped organising Python meetups.

The front page was and is a Planet aggregator for (loosely) London-based
Python people. It's kept running on autopilot and all I've done for
now is to tidy it up slightly, removing feeds which were non-existent
or fairly obviously defunct. At present I have no very clear plans
for the domain: I don't want to commit to a huge amount of ongoing
maintenance; I just wanted to have the possibility of a central
place for London Python activity. There's talk of a second London
meetup and I believe there are occasional other events. I'd be
quite happy to keep some kind of calendar going here if it seems

If anyone wants to have a blog feed added to the Planet, or indeed
to have one removed, please let me know by private email and I'll
see what I can do. Otherwise, stay tuned.

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