Thonny 2.1, Python IDE for beginners

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Thonny 2.1, Python IDE for beginners

Aivar Annamaa

I'm happy to announce Thonny 2.1.0, a Python IDE for beginners.

Thonny's main features are comprehensive program animation capabilities.

Highlights of this release:

* A simple pip GUI (Tools => Manage packages)
* Plug-in system now allows installing separately packaged plug-ins.
* Built-in Python version has been upgraded to 3.6.1.
* The Shell now accepts compound statements.
* Many bugs have been fixed.

See the homepage for download links: 

best regards,
Aivar Annamaa

<P><A HREF="">Thonny 2.1.0</A></P>
</P>Python IDE for beginners (02-May-17)</P>

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