TkTableWrapper: Column width questions

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TkTableWrapper: Column width questions

Mikhail Ramendik

TkTableWrapper column width questions

Postby ramendik » Thu Jan 26, 2012 4:14 am
Windows, Python 2.6, tktable downloaded from sourceforge and
TkTableWrapper from their wiki.

I can successfully create a table, but all its columns are the same
width. Can I somehow set different widths for different columns?

Here's how I can get a table:


#try to set width here?


But when I tried to use the table.width() instead of that comment, I fail.

table.width(1,20) and table.width("1,20") just fail on wrong parameters

table.width(1,kwargs="width=20") and table.width(1,kwargs="20") do
nothing apparently, nor does width(1,col=1,width=20) do anything.
WIthout the first integer I get an exception.

I would appreciate a way to set the column width.

Also, when text in the array is bigger than the row it is not
truncated - can I truncate it somehow, or failing that can I align it
left not center (so I can truncate by window border as the column is
rightmost anyhow)?

Yours, Mikhail Ramendik

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