Today's dinner and meeting

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Today's dinner and meeting

Jiwon Seo
I posted that I'd go to the dinner and meeting, but didn't make it.
Sorry, I thought the dinner is held at Cafe Yulong, I wasn't noticing
the email :^(
I went to Cafe Yulong and waited for 30 minutes. Part of that 30
minutes' waiting is my carelessness of not checking the emails, but
part of it is the restraunt manager's not writing down the reserver's
name. :)

Anyway, after the waiting, I thought I'd just go to Google and join
the meeting. I headed for Google, but I kind of got lost. (It was my
first drive to Mountain View... :^)I  managed to get my way back after
riding 101 twice, both direction, but I was so, so  tired and I just
got home.

For next time, I hope to enjoy the meeting smoothly. (At Oct's meeting
I walked for an hour to get to the restraunt :^)

desperately-needing-cheering-ly yours,


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