Trac 1.1.5 Released

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Trac 1.1.5 Released

Ryan Ollos
Trac 1.1.5 Released

Trac 1.1.5 continues the 1.1.x development line
leading to 1.2 with some new features and a few
not-so-disruptive changes.

Note that the 1.1.x releases are "stable" and
tested snapshots of the trunk.  They can be seen
as sub-milestones on the road towards Trac 1.2. As
opposed to maintenance releases, *we offer no
guarantees on feature and API compatibility from
one 1.1.x release to the next*.

However, by following 1.1.x you get a chance to
use new features earlier, and therefore be able to
contribute feedback when things are still in flux.
It's also less risky than just getting the latest
trunk, as we won't cut a 1.1.x release in the middle
of a series of changes (though we had and still intend
to have a good record of keeping things always working
on trunk).

The intended audience are therefore enthusiast Trac
users and Trac plugin developers. These packages should
*not* be integrated in distributions, for example.

Here are a few highlights:

 - Corrected highlighting of unmodified values in Config
   section of the About Trac page ([#6551).
 - New helper methods on `DatabaseManager` class for
   plugins to upgrade the database (#8172).
 - New `[notification-subscriber]` config section for
   general configuration of notification subscription
   defaults and `SubscriberList` macro (#11875).
 - Removed dependency on `ConfigObj` for
   TracFineGrainedPermissions (#11982).
 - `Image` macro supports InterWiki prefixes (#12025).

Besides the few issues listed here, the fixes made for
0.12.7 and 1.0.6 are also included.

You can find all the detailed release notes at:


Download URLs:

MD5 sums:

  c4547e2b6c7e1b174ccafa47227159e1  Trac-1.1.5.tar.gz
  3dd67a28440487742264d0f87ace26e2  Trac-1.1.5.win32.exe

SHA1 sums:

  29ffaa71a5256c6b514a5e5442de78718e5be1ed  Trac-1.1.5.tar.gz
  5f6f851f662c7fbd1bd6d83e7b5953452b400fe1  Trac-1.1.5.win32.exe


- The Trac Team

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