[Tutor] VirutalEnv not working on Ubuntu server 9.10

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[Tutor] VirutalEnv not working on Ubuntu server 9.10

Marco Mistroni
HI all
 i have a VPS which is running Ubuntu server 9.10

i have downloaded virtualenv 1.4.2 and installed it in a tmp directory

i have created a environment for using googlemaps..

i am able to download googlemaps package,  but when i activate the environment , run python  and type  import googlemaps
i receive the following error

ImportError: no module caleld googlemaps

..BUt i have just imported it using pip install. here's output of doing pip install googlemaps

Downloadign googlemaps-1.0.2

Running setup.py install for googlemaps
Successfully installed googlemaps

yet, when i type pytyon  and start to import googlemaps all i receive is an error that the package does not exist

what am i missing?

w/kindest regards

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