Twisted 17.1 Release Announcement

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Twisted 17.1 Release Announcement

Amber "Hawkie" Brown
On behalf of Twisted Matrix Laboratories, I am honoured to announce the release of Twisted 17.1!

The highlights of this release are:

- twisted.web.client.Agent now supports IPv6! It's also now the primary web client in Twisted, with twisted.web.client.getPage being deprecated in favour of it and Treq.
- twisted.web.server has had many cleanups revolving around timing out inactive clients.
- twisted.internet.ssl.CertificateOptions has had its `method` argument deprecated, in favour of the new raiseMinimumTo, lowerMaximumSecurityTo, and insecurelyLowerMinimumTo arguments, which take TLSVersion arguments. This allows you to better give a range of versions of TLS you wish to negotiate, rather than forcing yourself to any one version.
- twisted.internet.ssl.CertificateOptions will use OpenSSL's MODE_RELEASE_BUFFERS, which will let it free unused memory that was held by idle TLS connections.
- You can now call the new twist runner with `python -m twisted`.
- twisted.conch.ssh now has some ECDH key exchange support and supports `hmac-sha2-384`.
- Better Unicode support in twisted.internet.reactor.spawnProcess, especially on Windows on Python 3.6.
- More Python 3 porting in Conch, and more under-the-hood changes to facilitate a Twisted-wide jump to new-style classes only on Python 2 in 2018/2019. This release has also been tested on Python 3.6 on Linux.
- Lots of deprecated code removals, to make a sleeker, less confusing Twisted.
- 60+ closed tickets.

For more information, check the NEWS file (link provided below).

You can find the downloads at < <>> (or alternatively < <>>). The NEWS file is also available at < <>>.

Many thanks to everyone who had a part in this release - the supporters of the Twisted Software Foundation, the developers who contributed code as well as documentation, and all the people building great things with Twisted!

Twisted Regards,
Amber Brown (HawkOwl)


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