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Twisted 19.7.0 Release Announcement

Glyph Lefkowitz
On behalf of Twisted Matrix Laboratories and our long-suffering release manager Amber Brown, I am honored to announce[1] the release of Twisted 19.7.0!

The highlights of this release include:
A full description on the PyPI page!  Check it out here: <> (and compare to the slightly sad previous version, here: <>)
twisted.test.proto_helpers has been renamed to "twisted.internet.testing"
This removes the gross special-case carve-out where it was the only "public" API in a test module, and now the rule is that all test modules are private once again.
Conch's SSH server now supports hmac-sha2-512.
The XMPP server in Twisted Words will now validate certificates!
This is a very important security fix for any twisted.words / XMPP users. (See <>)
A nasty data-corruption bug in the IOCP reactor was fixed. If you're doing high-volume I/O on Windows you'll want to upgrade!
Twisted Web no longer gives clients a traceback by default, both when you instantiate Site and when you use `twist web` on the command line.  You can turn this behavior back on for local developemnt with `twist web --display-tracebacks`.
Several bugfixes and documentation fixes resolving bytes/unicode type confusion in twisted.web.
Python 3.4 is no longer supported.
`pip install -U twisted[tls]` and enjoy all these enhancements today!

Thanks for using Twisted,


[1]: somewhat belatedly: it came out 10 days ago.  Oops!

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