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Ubuntu 5.10 DVD included in Magazine

John J. Dooley
This is probably most useful to the Python newbie trying to set up an
environment for Python developing on Linux.

I heard that it takes up to six weeks to get a Ubuntu 5.10 CD. The Feb.
issue of Linux Pro Magazine (Voice over IP on the cover) comes with a Ubuntu
5.10 DVD. Borders carries this magazine.

I got my copy by downloading a CD-ROM image from the ubuntu web site and
burning my own CD under Suse, I haven't tried to use the DVD from the

Ubuntu 5.10 comes with Python 2.4.2 already installed. There is a very
complete set of Python packages that are ready for installation thru
synaptic. For example, all the packages mentioned in the Twisted book(from
o'reilly) are easily installed this way.

In addition, (g)vim enabled with Python is easily installed this way.
Together with Keith Dart's vim and Python scripts this makes a very nice
development environment. The vim package for bicyclerepair refactoring is
also available. I notice there are also python packages for emacs.

Among the many other included python tools, SPE (Stani's Python Editor) is
proving useful for browsing code. For example, when looking at Twisted
source, the modules of interest can be brought up in a tabbed view. The find
in files is also useful. Once in a while(this ssems to be happening less as
my mouse clicks get less random), SPE crashes so I think I will stick with
vim for creating or editing code.

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