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VisPy 0.6 released!

David Hoese
I am extremely excited to announce that VisPy 0.6 has finally been released!

# What is it?

VisPy is a wrapper around OpenGL and provides an easy way to make
scientific visualizations using high performance GPU-based interfaces.
It provides "Visual" objects to provide builtin shapes, images, meshes,
cameras, volumes, and text elements.

VisPy supports Linux, Windows, and Mac. It has been shown to run on
Raspberry Pi's as well.

# Changes

- Update PyQt5/PySide2 to use newer GL API
- Update to PyQt5 as default backend
- New Cython-based text rendering option
- New WindbarbVisual
- Improved JupyterLab/Notebook widget (experimental)
- Fix various memory leaks
- Various optimizations and bug fixes

# Building/Testing

This release includes new cython extensions, optional/experiment Jupyter
widgets, and some previously bundled dependencies changed to external
dependencies. This means that although we've added new features, we've
also increased the chance of build issues. That's why this is also the
first release that we're providing binary wheels on PyPI to make
installation easier (especially for Windows users). As always, VisPy is
also available with conda from conda-forge. See the installation
instructions for more info

If you encounter any issues please file them on GitHub.

# Python 2 Support

VisPy 0.6 will be the last minor release supporting Python 2. We will
still make bug releases for 0.6, if needed, until the end of the year.

# Contributors

You may have noticed that VisPy's releases are few and far between. I
hope to improve this in the future as build systems become more stable
and VisPy's code gets cleaned up.

That said, VisPy has a lot of room for new contributors and we welcome
any and everyone who wants to contribute. You don't need OpenGL
experience and can contribute with documentation updates, bug fixes, new
features, reviewing pull requests and issues, or answering questions on

# Links

Gitter Chat:

Thanks everyone!

Dave (@djhoese)
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