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Wanted: list admin for the PythonMac mailing list

Jack Jansen
as you've probably noticed:-) the amount of time I spend on the pythonmac-sig mailing list has considerably diminished over the last couple of years. Not that I'm not interested, but I simply don't have the time:-(

However, I was still one of the two list maintainers, together with Skip. However, he has called it quits, so I'm now apparently the only list maintainer. It's not a lot of work, really nothing more than looking through the held emails once every week or so. Usually there's a few of them, usually they are all spam, but occasionally there is something that should be let through. Think of an investment of half a minute per week. Then you need to help epoepl with trouble unsubscribing once every year or so. It may be required to take emergency measures once in a very blue moon (I think it happened once in the last 15 years, on one of the many mailing lists I've maintained) such as temporarily shutting the list down in case of spam storms.

So, I want a volunteer to be list maintainer.

If you already know mailman that's a pre, but learning it doesn't take long either (it's in Python, so it's high quality software:-). I'll continue as a maintainer (as long as you let me:-), but i don't want to be the sole person responsible.
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