West Yorkshire Python Group Meeting in Leeds - Thursday 18:30 onwards

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West Yorkshire Python Group Meeting in Leeds - Thursday 18:30 onwards

Peter Russell-5
 West Yorkshire Python User Group July Meeting

About the meeting

We'll be arriving at Old Broadcasting House from about 6:30 onwards
for coffee and vaguely Python related chat.  At 7:30 there is a talk,
which is expected to last for about half an hour.  After that we will
head to a pub for more geeky chat.

The meetings are always good fun, and everyone of any level of
experience or interest in Python is extremely welcome.  Bring a friend!

Talk: "Safe" - Peter Russell

Peter will be talking about Safe - an internal Python application used
at KPI Gold LLP for managing backups.

The talk will include:

* Why we wrote Safe
* How it works and what it does
* An overview of its architecture and design
* A digression into Python's with statement and context managers
* An embarrassing story, showing why it can make sense to have backups of
  your backups!

Experience Level:

 The talk should be suitable to anyone who knows a bit about Python.

Of Interest To:

  Looking at someone else's project is always interesting, but this
  talk should be of particular interest to anyone interested in real
  world uses of Python, or anyone wanting to learn more about
  Python's with statement and writing context managers.

About the Group

The West Yorkshire Python User Group (WYPy) have been meeting monthly
since 2007.  Our meetings are free, and usually include at least one
talk, as well as a trip to the pub.

Up to now we've not done anything to promote ourselves, but we're
becoming a bit thin on the ground.  Hence us spamming your mailing
list, we hope you don't mind!

We discuss our meetings on the Python Yorkshire and Humberside Google
Group http://groups.google.com/group/python-yorks-humber/ and you can
also follow us on Twitter at @WYPython.

Date and Time
Thursday 14 July.  From 6:30pm, talk at 7:30.  Pub afterwards.


Old Broadcasting House
148 Woodhouse Lane
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