Wiki registration Trubles and new R38 documentation

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Wiki registration Trubles and new R38 documentation

Matteo Boscolo
Hi all,

Actually we have some trouble using the PythonCAD wiki page under this
link : http://pythoncad.sourceforge.net/dokuwiki/doku.php
The problem is that when you try to register as new user no mail will be
send to you, so you are not able to login as new user.
As administrator I can give you a pws, so if you would like to write
somethink on the wiki and you are not able to login, please feel free to
call me and I will give you a login + pws.

As you know we are developing the R38 version.This version is completely
different from the previous ones so we are asking your help to create a
new wiki documentation for this version ..

Thanks in advance,

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