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Wing Python IDE 7.1

Wingware Announce
Wing 7.1 is a new release of Wingware's Python IDE product line.  This
release adds support for Python 3.8, warns about unused symbols,
improves code warnings configuration, adds new icons for the
auto-completer, project, and source browser, supports Dark Mode on OS X,
and makes other improvements.

== Some Highlights of Wing 7.1 ==

* Support for Python 3.8:  Wing 7.1 supports editing, testing, and
debugging code written for Python 3.8, so you can take advantage of
assignment expressions and other improvements introduced in this new
version of Python.

* Improved Code Warnings:  Wing 7.1 adds unused symbol warnings for
imports, variables, and arguments found in Python code. This release
also improves code warnings configuration, making it easier to disable
unwanted warnings.

* Cosmetic Improvements:  Wing 7.1 improves the auto-completer, project
tool, and code browser with redesigned icons that make use of Wing's
icon color configuration. This release also improves text display on
some Linux systems, supports Dark Mode on macOS, and improves display of
Python code and icons found in documentation.

* And More:  Wing 7.1 also adds support for Windows 10 native OpenSSH
installations for remote development, and makes a number of other minor
improvements. This release drops support for macOS 10.11. System
requirements remain unchanged on Windows and Linux.

For details see the change log:

For a complete list of new features in Wing 7, see What's New in Wing 7:

== Downloads ==

Wing Pro:
Wing Personal:
Wing 101:

Compare Products:

See Upgrading for details on
upgrading from Wing 6 and earlier, and Migrating from Older Versions for a list of compatibility

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