Wing Python IDE 7.2.6 has been released

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Wing Python IDE 7.2.6 has been released

Wingware Announce
Wing 7.2.6 improves exception reporting for pytest, implements 2w in vi
mode, fixes problems with setting up a new Django project, improves
auto-spacing for / and :, reduces CPU use when analyzing and waiting for
remote files, and makes a number of usability improvements.


== About Wing ==

Wing is a light-weight but full-featured Python IDE designed
specifically for Python, with powerful editing, code inspection,
testing, and debugging capabilities. Wing's deep code analysis provides
auto-completion, auto-editing, and refactoring that speed up
development. Its top notch debugger works with any Python code, locally
or on a remote host. Wing also supports test-driven development, version
control, UI color and layout customization, and includes extensive
documentation and support.

Wing is available in three product levels:  Wing Pro is the
full-featured Python IDE for professional developers, Wing Personal is a
free Python IDE for students and hobbyists (omits some features), and
Wing 101 is a very simplified free Python IDE for beginners (omits many

Learn more at

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