Writing custom metadata on images

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Writing custom metadata on images

Saurabh Gupta

I'm looking to write custom metadata on to images(mostly jpegs, but could be others too). So far I haven't been able to do that through PIL.
I understand that I can update some pre-defined tags, but I need to create custom fields/tags! Can that be done? 

This data would be created by users, so I wouldn't know what those tags are before hand. I need to allow them to create tags & then write data for them. For example, someone may want to create these tags on a particular image :

skin_type : smooth
complexion : fair
eye_color: blue
terrain: mountains

I also found that upon saving a jpeg through the PIL JpegImagePlugin, all previous metadata is overwritten with new data that you don't get to edit? Is that a bug?

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