[X-POST] PyCon India 2020 Keynote: Alolita Sharma

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[X-POST] PyCon India 2020 Keynote: Alolita Sharma

Sayan Chowdhury-3
Hi everyone,

We are pleased to announce Alolita Sharma as the second Keynote
Speaker of PyCon India 2020.

About Alolita

Alolita Sharma is a Principal Technologist at Amazon Web Services. She
leads open source strategy and engineering for projects focused on
observability and search including OpenTelemetry, Prometheus, Grafana,
Apache Lucene and Open Distro for Elasticsearch. Two decades of doing
open source continue to inspire her. Alolita has built and led
engineering teams at Wikipedia, Twitter, PayPal and IBM. Alolita is
passionate about language technologies that enable everyone to
participate in the Web's information revolution. She serves on the
board of Unicode Consortium and is an invited expert on W3C and ECMA
workgroups. She has served on the boards of the Open Source Initiative
(OSI) and SFLC.in.

You can find her on Twitter: @alolita.

Please retweet the announcement to reach to all the interested parties

Sayan Chowdhury
On behalf of PyCon India 2020 Team
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