[XPOST] PyCon India 2020 Keynote: Victor Stinner

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[XPOST] PyCon India 2020 Keynote: Victor Stinner

Hello Folks,

We are happy to announce Victor Stinner as a Fifth Keynote speaker for
PyCon India 2020.

About Victor Stinner
Victor Stinner is a Python core developer for 9 years. He is paid by
Red Hat to maintain Python upstream (python.org) and downstream (RHEL,
Fedora). Author of pyperf, faulthandler and tracemalloc modules, he is
working on Python performance, security, and stability (member of the
Night's Watch, maintain Python CIs: Travis CI, AppVeyor, and the large
fleet of buildbot workers). He also mentors Python contributors.

You can find him on Twitter: @VictorStinner

Please retweet the announcement to reach to all the interested parties

Abhishek Mishra
On behalf of PyCon India 2020 Team
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