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a snippet about Pycon 2012

kirby urner-4
Here's an excerpt from a post to a bfi.org related group in follow-up to Pycon:


In other news, related in that micro-engineering is at the basis of
all of this, I have recently returned from PyCon 2012, more
technically the US Pycon of that year, but which will be moving to
Montreal in 2014, so North American more than just US.

Brazil and Argentina have their own Pycons.  Chairman Steve, my close
neighbor in Portland, was at both of those in 2011.  I need new
passport pictures if I'm to be going anywhere far away like that.

David Koski, our list owner, phoned me around the time he was getting
these most excellent shots of the TC Howard dome in Ohio.


I was in the meantime sparring (in a friendly way) with the ESRI guy
about why we'd call the Fuller Map "crazy" (he had it on screen) when
as geeks we're always gawking at how big Greenland really isn't.

This was during Q&A in a well attended session on the basics of GIS.
I'd heard similar content at a Portland Barcamp, and also at Metro
(Food Not Bombs on my nametag).

http://pyvideo.org/video/887/a-gentle-introduction-to-gis  (start
around 26 minutes to get the background leading up to my question -- I
come in at 29 mins 10 secs or so, to 30 mins 30 secs).

Portlanders are fairly adept with these tools.


Lots about Bucky Fuller (RBF) related stuff because I'm bfi.org's
first web master, long ago (Drupal not even invented yet).

( not news to folks here -- like I've been writing about rbf.py and
sundries -- e.g. hypertoons -- for like decades )

Anyway, the above was from a report back to that little readership.

Barry Warsaw's talk on the future of mailman was of interest, given
that's what drives our little list here.

Did we want something besides plaintext for edu-sig?  On mathfuture
we're using all kinds of colors.

"Listservs" still rule (mail groups have a lot going for them) -- I
had some new links on that, but where'd they go?

Next time perhaps.

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