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adding element to session list


I'm confused with how django adds elements to a list. consider the following:

def add(request): 
     if request.method == "POST": 
         form = NewTaskForm(request.POST)
         if form.is_valid():
             task = form.cleaned_data["task"] 

             # request.session['tasks'] += [task] 

             return HttpResponseRedirect(reverse("tasks:index"))
             return render(request, "tasks/add.html",{ 
                 "form": form 
     return render(request, "tasks/add.html",{ 
         "form": NewTaskForm()

if we add a print statement after request.session['tasks'].append(task) we get a list:

['check email']

we also get the same list if we comment the append line and use the correct way with +=

However, on the redirect to task/index the first way shows an empty list and the second way shows the list that's expected. Why? Whats going on?

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