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Robert Wikman
Happy to announce a project I've been working on for some time that's
finally in beta: aiosnow, a MIT licensed Python 3 client library for
interacting with an ITSM cloud service, providing something not too
dissimilar to a database ORM.

I'm sharing this here as the library makes use of Python asyncio, and other
cool features like:
- Asynchronous generators, context managers
- Query condition chaining using Python bitwise operators
- Model Schema system implemented using Marshmallow
- The aiohttp library for working with remote HTTP APIs

It was built with modularity in mind, and is meant to be forked, hacked and
consumed in other projects - commercial or otherwise.

What's in it for me?
I do this for fun, to learn, and to support the asyncio backend of another
project I'm working on, which uses this library at its core.

GitHub page:

Technical documentation:

Big thanks to the code contributors and donors!

Robert Wikman
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