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bash completion files with easy_install

Thibault Kruse

I am confused about how to provide bash completion files for users of a program to be installed via setuptools.
I am working with Ubuntu Lucid mainly, and I have a like this:

      data_files=[('/etc/bash_completion.d', ['contrib/mytool.bash'])])

And also a with this
include contrib/mytool.bash

as a workaround for this problem:

Now what happens in Ubuntu Lucid is that easy_install will fail with a SandboxViolation for these files if I easy_install the software.
pip install however does not fail. I do not want to force users to use pip, and I am not sure whether easy_install is doing the right thing in using a sandbox.

Also i have no idea what will happen on windows machines, where no /etc exists, and no bash exists neither.

So can somebody here tell me how I should approach this problem?

If anyone wants to reproduce, try this:
sudo easy_install -U rosinstall==0.6.9


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