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blogged mention of Ed Cherlin, MFTDA

kirby urner-4
Hey Ed, your name goes by in my (eclectic, all over the map) blog post
of today, thought I'd give you a heads up.

I know my suggestion to Mike D that he get involved in compiling APL
for the XO didn't go anywhere (yet) -- that seemed a tad esoteric even
for him.  Either way, I consider you kindred spirits.

Also, I do these photo-collages or tableaus as I sometimes call 'em.

In yesterday's, I included Math for the Digital Age in tandem with A
Love of Discovery, a work in the contructivist tradition. **

I learned from my meeting with Bob that VPython is now being
maintained from North Carolina State (not Carnegie Mellon).


For more information (mentions meeting with Dr. Bob Fuller):

Dr. Fuller is a student of Dr. Robert Karplus when it comes
educational theory and techniques. A Love of Discovery sits in my
living room on the "time capsule" (semi-cylindrical shelves) between a
book by Linus Pauling and Wolfram's thick tome.
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