breakpoints for multithreaded use of jython class

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breakpoints for multithreaded use of jython class

Spence Aiello
Hi and thanks for reading:

I have a Jython class:

class MyClass(SomeInterface):
     def op(self):
          a = some_fun()
          return a

In a separate java class I have:

class Task extends MultiThreadedTask {
   SomeResult _a;
    @Override public void callPerThread() {
       SomeInterface si = (SomeInterface) JythonObjectFactory.get("MyClass")
       _a = si.op()

Here's my jython program that I'd like to single step with breakpoints inside of the "op" call for MyClass:

m = MyClass()
t = Task().do()

I'm debugging from within IntelliJ and I get breakpoints for all of the single-threaded code, but as soon as execution steps into the `callperThread` method, all of my breakpoints are seemingly ignored.


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