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caching and static tool

Niibe Yutaka-3
I found that using Static Tool with Caching Tool doesn't work well,
in some situations.

I am using version 3.1.2, and checked the code in the repository
(trunk) as well.

Note that when we use cherrypy.tools.staticdir.handler or
staticfile.handler directly, with Caching Tool, it works well.

Suppose we have a configuration like this:
tools.caching.on = True

tools.staticfile.on = True
tools.staticfile.filename = 'site/robots.txt'

Then, staticfile is always called, even though it cached as well.

That's because both of Static Tool and Caching Tool use
'before_handler' hook.

The logic of Caching Tool is that, it disable request.handler when it
founds a page in cache.  The code is:

-------------------------  root/trunk/py3/cherrypy/_cptools.py
389 class CachingTool(Tool):
390    """Caching Tool for CherryPy."""
392    def _wrapper(self, **kwargs):
393        request = cherrypy.serving.request
394        if _caching.get(**kwargs):
395            request.handler = None
396        else:
397            if request.cacheable:
398                # Note the devious technique here of adding hooks
on the fly
399                request.hooks.attach('before_finalize',
400                                     priority = 90)

(BTW, should _caching.get be self.callable here?)

It doesn't stop Static Tool's 'before_handler' hook to be called.

I think that possible fix would be:

(1) Let staticdir or staticfile check if request.handler == None or

(2) Then, modify lib/caching.py:get(), so that it sets request.handler
    well when it raises HTTPRedirect.  The place is here:

------------------------- root/trunk/py3/cherrypy/lib/caching.py
359        try:
360            # Note that validate_since depends on a Last-Modified
361            # this was put into the cached copy, and should have
362            # resurrected just above (response.headers =
363            cptools.validate_since()
364        except cherrypy.HTTPRedirect:
365            x = sys.exc_info()[1]
366            if x.status == 304:
367                cherrypy._cache.tot_non_modified += 1
+                request.handler = None
368            raise

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