cgipython 2.4.x binary for FreeBSD 4.7?

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cgipython 2.4.x binary for FreeBSD 4.7?

Christopher Arndt

does anybody have, can build me, or point me to a binary of cgipython 2.4.x
(preferable 2.4.2) ( for
FreeBSD 4.7?

I am trying to install a decent Python version at a Webhoster (Verio) which
apparently has FreeBSD (and only Python 1.5.2). The output of 'uname -a ' says:

FreeBSD 4.7-RELEASE-p22 FreeBSD 4.7-RELEASE-p22 #5: Tue May 3
13:36:49 MDT 2005 root@somemachine:/usr/home/somepath i386

I've tried the binaries for Python 2.3.5 provided by Oleg Broytmann for FreeBSD
4.9 and it basically works, but it lacks the '_random' module on which

The 2.4.x versions he has, are only for FreeBSD 5.4 and did not work for me.

Testing all this is very difficult, because the error.log does not show stderr
from CGI scripts :-(

Alternatively, are there any other single-file/cgi-ready Python distros I could


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