concept of creating structures in python

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concept of creating structures in python

navneet khanna
Hello Everybody

I want to create a structure within a structure i.e. nested structures in python.
I tried with everything but its not working.
my code is like this:

class L(Structure):

    def __init__(self,Name='ND',Addr=0,ds_obj = D()):

        self.Name = Name
        self.Addr = Addr
        self.ds_obj = ds_obj

class D(Structure):

    def  __init__(self,dataName='ND',index = 0,ele_obj=E()):

        self.dataName = dataName
        self.index = index
        self.ele_obj = ele_obj

these are two structures. I want to refer D structure in L one and use it. I want to access the value of D structure like L.D.index = 0.

Please help me

Thanks in advance

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