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cut/copy/paste accelerators on Mac

Brecht Machiels

I'm running into a problem with PyGTK on OS X. Please find the
description below (originally posted to the GTK+-2 OSX Users mailing

On 2014-12-26 19:13:32 +0000, John Ralls said:

>> On Dec 26, 2014, at 9:33 AM, Brecht Machiels wrote:
>> With gtkosx-application installed, I have managed to move Zim menus to
>> the OS X menu bar and About/Preferences/Quit to the application menu
>> without much trouble, but there are some problems remaining.
>> 3) I changed all of Zim's keyboard accelerators to use <Primary>
>> instead of <ctrl>. This works as expected for all accelerators in the
>> main Zim text editor widget. However, in other widgets (such as a
>> search box), the Cmd-x/c/v accelerators do not work. Ctrl-x/c/v do,
>> however.
>> I did come across the "modifyng Gtk-2 keybindings" thread on this
>> mailing list, where it was recommended to set
>> gtk-key-theme-name="Mac"
>> in ~/.gtkrc-2.0
>> While this doesn't work with the Homebrew GTK+, adding
>> include
>> "/usr/local/Cellar/gtk+-quartz/2.24.11/share/themes/Mac/gtk-2.0-key/gtkrc"
>> should have the same effect, I think.
>> Now, the search box in Zim's main window will work with Cmd-x/c/v, but
>> text widgets in other windows (dialogs) don't, and they won't react to
>> Ctrl-x/c/v anymore either. Is there any way to make this work as
>> expected?
> Possibly not. PyGtk hasn't been maintained for some time and may not
> have kept up with the changes to the key handling code in Gtk+-2.24. It
> has nothing to do with gtk-mac-integration, which only handles menus.

What could explain the Cmd+x/c/v accelerators not working in dialogs?


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